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We have compiled a list of the many ways to get to and around Scottsdale.

We hope this travel menu  helps to save you some time.


Rental Cars



Bus / Train






You will need to arrive at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

The major carriers in Phoenix are America West Airlines and Southwest Airlines, but there are so many choices.


Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport


Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has been owned and operated by the City of Phoenix since 1935.

Back in the 1930's, the Airport had one runway..hard to imagine now.

If you notify us in advance, we provide a courtesy transportation service

and may be able pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel

(provided you are staying in the immediate Scottsdale area).


For more information on this please email



Rental Cars

If you prefer, you may rent a car while you are in Scottsdale. We have reasonably

detailed directions about how to reach our office.



If you are traveling alone and you will be receiving any narcotics  and/or pain medications,

you will not be allowed to transport yourself and/or travel alone.


City of Phoenix Rental Car Center Information Desk

Phone: (602) 683-3741

Hours: 8:30 am - 5 pm (MST), Monday - Friday (except holidays).

Airport Car Rental Companies

The following car rental companies operate at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Listed below are phone numbers and links to rental car agencies’ Web sites.


(602) 244-0450

Toll- free 800-777-5500



(602) 244-0897

Toll- free 800-462-5266



(602) 261-5900

Toll- free 800-331-1212



(602) 261-5950

Toll- free 800-527-7000


(602) 275-0011

Toll- free 800-800-4000



(602) 225-0588

Toll- free 800-736-8222



(602) 252-4399

Toll- free 800-225-4369



(602) 267-8822

Toll- free 800-654-3131


(602) 275-4771

Toll- free 800-227-7368



(602) 681-9589

Toll- free 800-729-5377



(602) 244-0311

Toll- free 800-847-4389

Visiting Scottsdale

Cabs /Limos /Shuttle Services


NOTE: These rates  are approx. and could change at any time

Greenbaum to airport 9.2 miles $20-23

Office to airport $35-44

Office to Greenbaum - 4.1 miles from office

Holiday Inn Express to Greenbaum around $5


Discount Cab (also known as Green Cab) 602-200-2000

Triple AAA Yellow Cab 602-252-5252

Clean Air Cab 480-777-9777

Yellow Cab 602-252-5252



Transtyle 480-948-6131

A Ride Above the Rest 480-945-0500

Skyline Car & Limo 602-541-8406

Lincoln town car around $39 to airport from office



Super Shuttle (602) 232-4610










(Public transportation)








Phoenix, AZ 85034

Main: 602-389-4200

Baggage: 602-389-4205

Customer Service: 602-389-4200



Glendale, AZ 85051

Main: 602-246-4341

Baggage: 602-246-4143




Unfortunately, Amtrak train service no longer
passes directly through Phoenix, due to a complication
with the freight lines it was using previously.
There is a stop in Maricopa, AZ, on the Texas Eagle line,
but, there are no services available
to take you from the train stop to the greater Valley area.


As a result, your two best choices if you
prefer to take the train are:

Take the Texas Eagle line to Tucson and
the Greyhound bus to Phoenix. It is an approximately
two and-a-half hour bus ride and you will have to walk
or take a taxi two blocks from the train station to the Greyhound station. You may arrive at either the main Greyhound terminal or the airport terminal.


Take the Southwest Chief line to Flagstaff and the Greyhound bus to Phoenix.

It is an approximately three-and-a-half hour bus ride. Unfortunately, due to the timing of the Amtrak arrival
 in Flagstaff, the bus arrives in Phoenix at
approximately 4 am, so we will be unable to provide transportation from the terminal for you.


We do have a courtesy transportation service which
we provide for our patients, and if you
notify us in advance, we may be able to pick you up
from the bus terminal. However, we do require that you
stay in the immediate Scottsdale area to utilize this service. We are unable to provide transportation to you if you take the train from Flagstaff, due to its arrival time.



For more information: please e-mail us at transportation@tmeltzer.com

or call our office at 1-480-657-7006 or toll-free at 1-866-876-6329.



If you choose to arrive by car: you will want to check a current highway map

(AAA's maps are excellent) or try Mapquest or Googlemaps to plan your route.
The descriptions below are general directions of travel.
We also have specific directions from these points to our office.




Interstate 10 runs east from Los Angeles and west from Jacksonville, Fla.

directly through Phoenix and via Tucson.

Go east through Phoenix to the Loop 202, and then north on the Loop 101.

You will approach our office from the south.




Interstate 15 runs east from San Diego or west from Great Falls, Mont., and

connects to Interstate 40 and from there to Interstate 17 via Flagstaff.

Go south on I-17 to Loop 101, and east on the Loop 101 to Scottsdale.

You will approach our office from the north.

(This route follows, for some parts, Route 66.)



Interstate 40 runs from San Bernadino, Calif., to Raleigh, N.C.,

and connects to Interstate 17 in Flagstaff.

You will approach our office from the north.



We also have a courtesy transportation service and may be able to transport you
to and from the hospital if you are traveling alone,

even if you have a car, or to our office if you will be having surgery in our office.

For more information:

email: transportation@tmeltzer.com


Light Rail


(The following is taken from the Light Rail website)

Save money and keep our Valley skies cleaner by riding the Phoenix Light Rail to get to
work, school, shopping and special events.

Riding, easy as 1-2-3


1. Plan your trip. Use our convenient TRIP PLANNER.

Enter your starting and ending points and get a trip itinerary.

You can also check our TRANSIT SCHEDULES to find the best bus and light rail schedules for you.

Or call (602) 253-5000 and tell us where you want to go.


2. Buy your fare. You can buy fares online.

Place your order using our FARE PURCHASE PAGE
and we’ll mail your fare to you (allow 5-7 business days).

Go to one of many FARE LOCATIONS throughout the Valley to purchase your fare
n advance and save money.

You can purchase your fare ON BOARD THE BUS (on-board pricing)

or at FARE VENDING MACHINES (off board pricing) at any light rail station.


3. Enjoy your ride.

Arrive at your bus stop or light rail station at least five minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Follow the simple guidelines for safety and courtesy on BUS and RAIL.


Watch for your stop - On the bus, signal the operator. Light rail stops at every station.


The Scottsdale Trolley


The Scottsdale Trolley


(Taken from the Scottsdale Trolley website)


The Scottsdale Trolley consists of a fleet of sixteen, 22-passenger vehicles.


Each trolley is:


Wheelchair accessible

Kneeling, for easy access


Equipped with removable windows


The Trolley runs on clean-burning, environmentally friendly bio-diesel.

The Trolley is designed in blue and champagne with vintage details, including:


Wooden highlights

Leather handhold straps

Wooden seats

Tinted-glass windows




Downtown Scottsdale Trolley


Free to Ride, runs every 15 minutes, 7 days per week, in both directions, and serves:

Old Town

Main Street Arts District

Marshall Way Arts District

Fifth Avenue Shops

Scottsdale Fashion Square



Neighborhood Trolley


Free to Ride, runs every 20 minutes, 7 days per week, in both directions, and serves:

Granite Reef Senior Center

Eldorado Park/Boys & Girls Club and Pool

Coronado High School

Osborn Post Office

Scottsdale Healthcare-Osborn Hospital

Civic Center Mall including the Library, Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts,
City Hall and Historical Society

Loloma Transit Station

Vista del Camino


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